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Help in installation of virtuemart 2.0 on joomla 1.7

Started by abhikala1, January 23, 2012, 16:52:19 PM

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Hello Mods and staff,

I didn't found any guide for installation of virtuemart 2.0 on joomla 1.7. I am using it first time, and i need it urgently. Can any one please help me here. I have installed joomla 1.7 with yoo cloud theme. I want to integrate virtuemart in it now. I have installed it on localhost right now, i want to Complete all the steps before going live.

Please some one help me installing it on my joomla 1.7 template.

Thanks in Advance



No not yet. I was not sure if i had to do that. because everywhere i read the method for older version. I will try now and update about the status.

Thanks for your reply.


Thanks for your hint. It worked fine. Installation was successful now setting up the store.