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Automatically generated Language Packs for VM2

Started by jjk, February 21, 2012, 09:35:09 AM

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Here you can find automatically generated language packs for VirtueMart 2:

The language packs are being created once an hour from the VirtueMart 2 translations project at

The packages are installable, removable, and use the new Joomla 1.7+ updater, so once installed you can update your lang pack(s) like common joomla extensions with just a few mouse clicks. The packages are generated once an hour and do include partially translated languages. Please also read this:

There are no installable packages for J1.5 as I don't see any sense in it, but if several users request this, I (forum member 'Gruz') can add that. To install a language pack into Joomla 1.5, unpack your zip file into the root of your Joomla installation and optionally remove the (J1.7.+) .xml file, which is also copied into the root of joomla (i.e. for Ukrainian the language file name you could delete would be uk_ua_virtuemart_language_pack.xml). It will be no problem, if you just unpack and don't care about that .xml file.

Thanks to 'Gruz' for making this available!

The language packs at seem to be offline now. (checked on 6th of June 2013)
Language packages are now available on the new VirtueMart website at:
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?



The languages pack are also available for each release.

By default some languages are included from the AIO component. But due to space problem, we had to remove some of them.
At the moment the languages that are not in the AIO are: