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Can't get to Virtumart in the Administrator section

Started by pfasshauer, January 14, 2012, 02:21:20 AM

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Upgrading to 2.0 and when I go to the component Manager it shows "Virturmart-aio."  That just shows the version of virtuemart that is installed.  How do I get to the Virtumart backend?   Any help would be great.  Thanks.
Joomla 1.7.3


The com_virtuemart.2.0.0_extract_first contains two components.

1.  - this is the VirtueMart component and must be installed first. If it has not installed properly it will not show in the Joomla backend component list menu.

2.  - this component is the All In One installer, and installs the VM specific plugins (payment & shipping), VM modules for Joomla and VM plugins for Joomla. After installing this the aio component itself (not the VM2/first component) can be removed.
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Thanks.  When I installed it the first time.  I just tried installing from file and it was giving me errors and then did install from directory.  So that probably messed things up.  So I just started from scratch and it worked.  Thanks.