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(Solved) Products disappear when change lang!!

Started by another_reality, January 05, 2012, 17:55:16 PM

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Hello mates,

I was have the following problem on my VM2-Stable with Joomla 1.7 installed.

I have a website with more than 150 products & all of them registered at the VM database. My client wants the main site in other language (Not in UK),  so i download the language pack for VM and Joomla 1.7, i setup it and make it default!! When i went back to VM then the products & categories was disappear. Then i switched on default language, and all come back as it was.

I start looking around to find a solution on this, so i find this solution for them that have not read this thread before installing

  • When i went to configuration i found the MULTILANGUE option and checked both of installed languages.
  • Then i went to products and edit. A dropdown with language select appear, i cheked the second lang and change only the alias (If you don't change the alias the product will not be saved).
  • Then Save.

But i have to do this process for the next 149 products, and i must change the alias. I don't need that.

Searching the forum i found this thread . VM create a separate table for every language that you have installed on your system.

  • Login to phpMyAdmin
  • Find the table "virtuemart_categories_en_gb" and export it.
  • Open the exported .sql file and replace "_en_gb" with your other language prefix
  • Delete all the categories from the table "virtuemart_categories_en_gb" from phpMyAdmin
  • Import the modified .sql
  • Go to VM admin and you will find all categories viewed to your other language

For products - manufacturers - vendors - payments - shipments just make the same steps.

Have a nice day.


Just because others may also read this thread.

It is a lot easier just to use for the tables the an sql like
"ALTER TABLE `jos_virtuemart_manufacturers_en_gb`  RENAME TO `jos_virtuemart_manufacturers_de_de`;"

of course you must adjust the jos_ to and the language "tags"
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