How do I setup a wholesale price % discount and make it only visible to select..

Started by zippygaloo, January 02, 2012, 07:12:41 AM

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Could someone please explain the steps involved in creating a "wholesale" vendor % discount and how to configure everything so that when a vendor logs in they see only their discounted price.


Ok this is a several step scenario but it worked for me:

On VirtueMart 2.0

Before you add anything, go to Configuration>Pricing and click on
Membergroup to show prices to      X Enable this Feature

1- I am assuming you already created a Wholesale shopper class.
If not, do that. Go to Orders & Shoppers>Shopper Groups

If Wholesale is not there, click on the + and add it.

Make sure that:
Enable shoppergroup specific price display   
Show Prices
Are clicked

2- Then go to Taxes and Calculations under the Product Menu.
Create a new Tax and Calculation by click on on the +

- Choose Price Modifier Before Tax
   : Enter your discount, % or  the -
- Select the shopper Group (Wholesale)
Visible for Shopper Yes
Visible for Vendor Yes

3- Then go to your product.
- Shopper Group Section add Wholesale Shopper Group (the anonymous and the default should be chosen also)
- Under the Discount Type choose your Discount group you just created.

That is it.

This also works for discounts that are not percentage. For example we have several tiers, a $2.00, $3.00, $4.00 discount. I just created those and enable them as needed for each product.

Tip: You can control what is shown for the price on the Wholesale Shopper Group screen. Where you can select if they see the base price, the price with tax, the price with discount and so on.

Good luck! I hope this helps someone. I had to bang my head against the desk a few times...