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Double cache for RSS

Started by mrodriguez, January 31, 2014, 13:49:10 PM

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Virtuemart Admin Panel shows two RSS feeds (Extensions Feed and VirtueMartRss Feed) using SimplePie library. SimplePie use cache by default but virtuemart also use Joomla cache system.

On /administrator/components/com_virtuemart/helpers/shopfunciotns.php, line 794, getCPsRssFeed() uses Joomla caché system:

static public function getCPsRssFeed($rssUrl,$max) {

$cache_time=86400*3; // 3days
$cache = JFactory::getCache ('com_virtuemart_rss');
$cached = $cache->getCaching();
$cache->setCaching (1);
$feeds = $cache->call (array('ShopFunctions', 'getRssFeed'), $rssUrl, $max);
$cache->setCaching ($cached);
return $feeds;

And on the same file, line 830, SimplePie are used (with default params, cache enabled):

static public function getRssFeed ($rssURL,$max) {
$rssFeed = new SimplePie($rssURL);

I think above code should be replaced by this one:

static public function getRssFeed ($rssURL,$max) {
$rssFeed = new SimplePie();

  • Joomla version: Joomla! 2.5.16
  • VirtueMart version: 2.0.26d


This are different caches. We use the cache too automatically reload teh stuff after 3 days. We dont want to delay the normal work in the BE.
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