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Should I upgrade using SVN?

Started by brendonhatcher, January 12, 2012, 08:00:13 AM

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I understand the purpose of SVN in terms of contributing to development of VM2.
However, I see several forum posts addressing issues with the current version that suggest using SVN to "upgrade" to the latest code.

My question: Is the SVN version always viable?  If I install it, will it always result in a functional site?



SVN will sometimes contain silly bugs, not because of intent, but one file update may be commited, but impact on some other file, or maybe not work because of a typo. With that in mind SVN, assuming you know enogh php etc, it is very useful if you are having a particular problem, know the files responsible and just get those from the repository. OR grab the whole lot, create an install package and try in in a test VM1.7 setup. Test, test and test.

The howto is here -
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