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How do I get VM2 to produce usefu, non-random, consecutive order numbers?

Started by zippygaloo, December 29, 2011, 09:39:10 AM

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The generated order numbers in VM2 aren't very useful. I'd like to have non-random, consecutive order numbers. How do I go about doing that?


I have the same problem. This is what it looks like:

Thank you for your order!
Payment method    Bank Account
Order Number    dc213dec
Amount    106,00 €

Best regaords,


I suppose the generated number is a security feature, in order to prevent hackers to log into customer's order history with something like 1001, 1002, 1003,...
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There is a trigger to change the data. There is no plugin done yet, but maybe you wanna write some.
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Hi all, I need to solve this problem too. I was using order numbers as variable numbers to identify payments, but now it's impossible. I would need order numbers in format 30XXXXXX, where 30 is identifying an eshop where was order generated and XXXXXX are automatically generated order numbers (last order+1). Is it possible to set this in new VM2? Please help. Thank you.