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No shop currency defined!!

Started by ksoender, November 12, 2011, 18:32:28 PM

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I have installed Joomla 1.7 and VM 2 in the RC 2 version M and I am having following problem.
I am not able to enter a shop currency. The system does not allow me to save the data. I get the message: "No Shop Currency defined! Go to". However that is where I am. I am danish and want to use Denmark as default. This means that when filling out the addional info with address etc. I can not fill in the state province field, allthough it is a mandatory field. I wonder if that is the reason and this is a bug.

Can anyone help me?

Best regards


The mandatory provinz field is not mandatory, when there is no state. Are you sure, that you filled out the data of both tabs?
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Hello again

Yes I am sure everything was filled out (done it like xx times). I have also gone through some of the older posts and the routines shown there, with no result. I originally installed the G. version and then later upgraded to m. version. However no changes.



I found I had this issue when upgrading. I pulled everything and performed a clean install. This corrected the issue.