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New pre subrelase N, ... final RC3

Started by Milbo, December 01, 2011, 14:12:30 PM

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Ok with languages i understand. But the problem is active:

BUG 1. From 1.9.8M to J173 + RC3_Pre_e don't work NOTIFY system. So when I go to product that's zero in stock and click on Notify button open window like when I add the product to the cart and nothing happens. I think if I click on button I will see the windows with email field.



Release G throws up the following ONLY with best sellers module published:

Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 96

actually, scratch that - odd one here.

I have a featured products module, price on. add to cart off. all fine. Duplicate the same module and turn off the price - error above. only seems to be when the module is repeated and regardless of its function (featured, best sales etc)


more errors, this time in all the general shop areas:

Notice: Undefined index: p.product_sku in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 84

Notice: Undefined index: c.category_name in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 84

Notice: Undefined index: m.mf_name in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 84

Notice: Undefined index: p.product_name in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 84


how are you updating?

and to update, what I do is UNINSTALL all the modules, and plugins. Then reinstall the AIO

THEN, install the com_virtuemart right on top.


The link for the version G download goes to a 404 error. 
And I do not see RC3 on the downloads page anymore. 
Where can I download the latest version?


Quote from: nflmerch on December 08, 2011, 21:55:21 PM
The link for the version G download goes to a 404 error. 
And I do not see RC3 on the downloads page anymore. 
Where can I download the latest version?

in the 1st post of this thread




Quote from: Milbo on December 01, 2011, 14:12:30 PM
Fixed in g
- removed stockable customfield plugin
Why you removed this?
It is quite impossible to build clothes shop without this.


I wonder what's going on? Why this N relese is so painfull?


We changed the language system, this changed a lot sql stuff, due this we had to change the system for orderby fields.

We made the pluginsystem abstract and it worked quite well on j1.5, but triggers in parents get not triggered in j1.7, so we had to rewrite that again ... most of this are just naming conventions... and when someone is changing 20 triggers in a row mistakes can easily appear.

Then we optimised the queries, which leads also to different sql then before.
When you compare the language files or the frontend files of version M and version N, there is not a lot difference. But the table and the stuff in the plugins changed a lot. The controllers are almost untouched.
Should I fix your bug, please support the VirtueMart project and become a member
Extensions approved by the core team:


Everything you just explained makes sense to me. Two questions :
Is there any chance that J1.8 (or 2.5, same thing) will change some things that would result in parts of Virtuemart to be rewritten again ? (My educated guess would be no, but you never know)
What about the remark about clothes shop just above ?
Thanks for all your efforts.
PS : i would also point out that i tried to use RedShop, JoomShopping, Hickashop and many others. None of them is perfect, and while i don't think Virtuemart will be perfect either, i certainly hope it will be the best among them. One to rule them all  8)