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If i turn on

Started by premier69, November 30, 2011, 20:47:53 PM

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I am using the demo shop, the samples included with the installation.
i created a menu item for product category and one for shopping cart

going to the shopping cart displays only a blank page, nothing at all on it. why? is it because i have all virtuemart modules turned off? if i turn on mod_virtuemart_cart my entire website won't load.

if i go to the virtuemart category menu item i created it shows all demo products but on the very top it displays some sort or error: "The choosen template couldnt found on the filesystem: Artisteer new benbrowder template".

How do i even get started with all these issues present?

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No, if i remember correctly a few weeks ago I got fed up with virtuemart 1.19 or whatever it's version number was so i went for the beta thinking it couldn't get worse.

but if you think a complete uninstall of component plus modules is in order? i could reinstall


when i upgrade from 1 beta version to another.

I have to uninstall the modules, and the plugins. THEN, install the "all in 1" component again.