Author Topic: Product Creation specific to Shopper Groups  (Read 2596 times)


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Product Creation specific to Shopper Groups
« on: November 22, 2011, 11:02:51 am »

First of all well done to the dev team on VM2, it's fantastic.  To those who have been complaining about the final release not being available - it's free, you have no room to complain, especially since you will be profiting from a community's voluntary work.

My issue is - I am setting up a test site, at the moment it has one category 'Paper' and two Products '250gsm Gloss MW' and '250gsm Gloss CR'.  I have created two shopper groups - 'MW' and 'CR'.  I have assigned a user 'MayWell' to the 'MW' Group and user 'Creative' to the 'CR' group.  I have then assigned the product  '250gsm Gloss MW' to the 'MW' shopper group and '250gsm Gloss CR' to the 'CR' group.  I have assigned specific pricing

I then go to my front end and log in as each user, and unfortunately they cannot see the products assigned to their group - where am I going wrong?  When I created the products I could see them, before assigning them to shopper groups.