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1.1 to 2.0 gives error 500 layout not found

Started by cerhio, November 06, 2011, 19:43:07 PM

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hi !

I've upgraded vm to version 2 and used migration tool to move all data.

now i got error 500 "layout not found" while accessing categories pages from the front.

i set layout to default in settings. also tried to recreate config and reset to defaults. No effect.

when migrating i leave fields DEFAULT BROUSE PAGE and DEFAULT FLY PAGE blank, maybe that's the point? Anyway I need an advice what to do now



i notice, that after saving any category even without any changes front stops return error 500 layout not found for the particular category, but there are no items displayed. in cp i see all items, they are ok and published



Please provide url of your site.

Best Regards,
Trivedi kartik.
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This happens, because the fly and browsepages got also imported, I removed this, because it leads most time to confusion. It is still there, but commented
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Extensions approved by the core team:


update jos_virtuemart_categories set category_layout=0

update jos_virtuemart_categories set category_product_layout=0