Author Topic: When using the Media File editor, the Role (File Type) does not save in the data  (Read 3936 times)


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Okay, so now I see the idea is to use the Media editor and change the 'Displayed description' for that image to whatever I want it to display on the website.  That's very good!  The only problem remaining is that when I changed the 'Displayed description' field and saved it, I get the following error in the Media admin: "vmError: Ignore this message, when it appears while the media synchronisation process, else report to : cant create media of unknown type, a programmers error, used type". 

How do I fix this admin error?



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Re: Re: Is there inventory control for attributes ?
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I found the reason for the error.  When using the Media File editor, the Role (File Type) does not save in the database.   It even removes the file type value that was created during the synchronize process. 

Is there a fix for this problem?   


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sam problm


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