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category Module trouble

Started by crashball, October 21, 2011, 00:51:18 AM

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I am putting up a store for my site. The main way in to the "store" will be a menu link that link to a category listing.  I also want a Category listing module to be visible on any of the virtuemart pages.  If I only check the box to show the module on the page for Category listing (Linked via the menu item), it will show up.  But as soon as I click a link to view one of the categories products it does not show.  it seems the only way i can get it to show up through out the store is to show it on "All Pages".  Even if i select "all but selected" pages and pick which one i do not want to show it on, it will not show where i want .

Any suggestions how to accomplish putting a category module on just Virtuemart pages?


perhaps a screen shot will help explain :)

As you can see, "The treasure Nest" link is the menu item that links to the page that is shown.  It shows a category listing in the content area.  I have the category module along the "left" module position.  Once i click either the module links on the left, or the pictures in the main content area, the module disappears when i only have it set to show on the "Treasure Nest" page (from the menu link).  If i set it to all pages it will work, but i don't want it showing in other areas of the site, only the virtuemart pages.

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I have exactly the same problem, and could do with pointing in the right direction to get it sorted,

it if the category module will only show up on the category and product pages, if it is published to all pages?


This is the normal joomla functionality.
Since it is set to be displayed in certain menu driven pages , it will be displayed only there.

You can use the advanced module manager to use more advanced assignment options than just menu items


I had the same issue, this AdvancedModuleManager does the trick.
Thanx for this.