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Where to set multiple prices for different usergroups

Started by T7ank, October 07, 2011, 22:01:53 PM

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in previous version of VM i could set multiple prices for one product for different users(usergroups).
I cant find this feature in VM2.
Can you please help me?



You can use Calculation rules based on shopper groups.
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i'm totally new to joomla na VM. can you write what i have to do to get double prices please?
i have already made 2 different groups of users, but i cant figureout how to make different prices per usergroup.


Hi All,

Is it possible to insert a new price for certain group on certain products? I don,t want to use rules, just create a special prices for different groups.
It was possible in the previous version of VM.

Thank you in advance.


Create or clone a product and then set a shopper group on the new item. When they log in the shopper group will see their products.

But Cloning a product ?? might be a a lot of work for little outcome?

You should just add a discount % for  shopper group .- lot easier.


Thank you.
How will the stock behave if I create the clone? Will it count down from the stock of the original item if purchased?

Thank you again,



Some shops don't count stock - they ahave a service or unlimited stock - eg selling stickers etc

The stock will be affected - youi would hev to watch everything - maybe just stick with the % or $ amount for groups.


A clone is its own thing. It has its own stock and own settings.
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