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Distributor/Price Comparison for Virtuemart
« on: August 15, 2011, 07:59:50 am »
We are seeking a programmer available to develop a price comparison/ distributor module for Virtuemart and integrate this to company profile (listing) in Mosets Tree.

Our Virtuemart is set-up as a product catalog (no shopping cart, no product selling) where users cand search and find, compare and sort products.
We are seeking a custom VM work in oder to provide Virtuemart with a price comparison feature similar to

The price offers will be manually submitted by users (no auto-grabbing) to existing products in the db (admins will add products, users/distributor will add prices)
The offers submitted will show up under a specific tab in product detail page (similar to buzillions) .. we use VMJ color virtuemart template.
Because we need to have comany name and logo displayed in price offering .. we would "tie" this to Mosets Tree and gather the elements from MT.

User Registration and Authentication -> Mosets Tree Listing 1 -> Price offer (company 1)for product 1 (VM)
                                                                                                  -> Price offer (company 1) for product 2 (VM)
                                                                                                  -> ... and so on
                                                            -> Mosets Tree Listing 2 -> Price offer (company 2) for product 1 (VM)
                                                                                                  -> Price offer (company 2) for product 2 (VM)
                                                                                                  -> ... and so on
User will add companies in Mosets Tree (creating actually the company profile in MT as a listing) for each company he can add price offers for the products found in VM
Clients will search VM for specific products and under product detail page will visualise all offers available for that product, from different companies. User can sort price offer based on "region" (region will be captured also from MT)

We are pretty flexible regarding timeframe but looking for a reliable programmer to achieve this.
If you need further clarifications feel free to ask.

Lookind forward for your feedback and disponibility.

Thanks in advance,