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Hi All,

I have exhausted all regular assistance in this forum and have advertised on elance, but did not get anyone who could do the job.
Because of security and language issues, I would prefer the virtuemart issues be resolved by an Aussie if at all possible – unless you can make a very good case for my choosing you.
I need to work to be done professionally, securely and reliably. This means I would prefer that you prove the concept on your server and a test site, then provide the app you develop and FULL documentation as how I can get the system running on my site.


I want to sell dog treats on my site at
As you can see I have loaded the products but I need help getting the auspost module and paypal API working.

I want to sell to three customer classes in Australia.
1   my current clients (they just pay the product price, NO postage) perhaps I create their logon as a special shopper class.
2   Buyers in my local area. This group of shoppers can buy off my site and pay only $X delivery charge. I will probably make it $5 to deliver in a set of postcodes (such as 3016, 3017 etc)
3   Australia wide buyers. These people pay for the products via paypal and fee includes the Auspost postage rate plus packing charge of $Y (if auspost selects the ‘regular parcel’ method).
Auspost is a module bundled with virtuemart that returns a price for sending parcels in Australia. I have found that the current version seems to have a base of $20 plus, which is wrong.
I want someone to create a configurable auspost module based on the following:
The auspost calculator can be found at  You can use this to compare with the auspost API and values returned on my site for testing.
To automatically get values for postage, you will need to use the auspost API found at
Auspost configuration
I want the cheapest practical postage rate for my buyers. When you go to the calculator you will find that auspost provides rates for a 500g satchel, a 3 Kg satchel (both pre-pack bags) and a regular parcel (that I have to buy and tape up). I don’t want to include any EXPRESS post fees (too expensive).
Backend configuration

In a config screen you make, I want to be able to select what parcels prices the app will consider. That is, have an option to include 500g satchel, 3 kg satchel or ‘regular parcel’.
You see if you put in 300 g into the calculator it will give a price for a 500g satchel and a ‘regular parcel’ that I have to buy a bag for and tape up etc. The prices can be very different depending on the destination. However experience will tell me if I can actually regularly fit in say a 500g  satchel (maybe 4 dog treat packs). If I find I can’t regularly fit the treat bagss into the 500g satchel, then I will just turn off the 500g option in the back end.
Similarly if I post 2 kg of treats, I want the app to compare the price of the 3KG satchel bag and the ‘regular parcel’ i have to buy and tape up.

Based on which postage types I have allowed the app to consider, i want the option of displaying either the CHEAPEST fee, THE DEAREST FEE, or a combination of FEES (say  X% between the cheapest and dearest fee).
Again experience with how I can pack these bags will let me know which option I select for a month or two.
Example: someone from postcode 2000 selects a 2Kg of treats. I have the 3kg and regular parcel options ticked. Regular post is $12.35 PLUS $2 (say for postage) while 3kg Parcel Post Satchel is $11.20.
I have the LOWEST postage box ticked, so the price presented to the buyer is $11.20.

I have a paypal sandbox account and a real account. Once the auspost module is created and working, I want the programmer to test that the sandbox paypal works – then provide me with documentation of how to get the paypal API version working on my site.

I am just using the default virtuemart template, if it is simple to improve the aesthetics of the sales page, then you may also like to quote for the cost of another template etc. This is optional.
Please let me know if anyone can help me get this up and running and what the time frame, method of testing and costs will be.

Thank you!
Bruce  Dwyer
You can buy healthy dog treats from either of my sites: or


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Re: Request for work on VM Auspost configurable module & Paypal API
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I am us based, and have worked with customer in your country and the shipping method you are using          please email me at and i will give you a quote,   we speak english
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Re: Request for work on VM Auspost configurable module & Paypal API
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We are Joomla + Virtuemart support group. please contact on