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VM2 and j1.6

Started by Milbo, April 25, 2011, 18:42:18 PM

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Thank you JJK. Just to be absolutely sure that I am on the same page as everyone else, is virtuemart1.9.8 known as VM2?


Yes, VM 1.9.8.x are just developer version numbers (Release Candidates) which were chosen to keep the numbers smaller than the final 'Stable' release of VM 2.0
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Hey, is there an updated estimation for the release of VM2? Will it be for J1.7 until the end of the year or rather for J2.5 in January?


I wonder how much Joomla will change in the following versions. If I understood their roadmap correctly they will release a "completely new" version every 1.5 years. I understand that like this Joomla will make a lot of progress. But I'm not sure if this is a very good plan. One of the good things about Joomla are the many 3rd parity extensions. I don't see how the developers of these extensions will manage to keep up with this roadmap. It's allmost a year since J1.6 has been released now. But when I need a certain extension, often I find sth. for J1.5 only... How will this go on? It's not just a problem the VM dev team is facing, but also every guy who developed a neat little extension for Joomla!


Yes. They, or we must find the right way in the middle.

Not changing too fast. But often it is impossible to prevent incompatibilities.
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Yeah I really don't like that Joomla development progress, now I have my Joomla 1.5 and VM 1.1.8 with 3rd party components such as artio vm invoice  which resulted in a lot of modified code to create a perfect website for our needs.

And now we have to move to VM 2.0 and joomla 2.5? and in 2 years we will have to upgrade again?

This would be great if updates we reach the point were updating is automatic and not changing template, components  and basicly every aspect of your website.

What If I stick to joomla 1.5 and VM 1.1.8, will my site be insecure?

Frustrating ;D