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[SOLVED] Display price per square meter

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I've been looking for this, but I have only found old topics. ???
 Here is my question.
I working on a website that will sell floor tiles. So each product is sold by box of about 1,512m2. I would like to display the square meter price on the category page (under each product). Then, when we are on the product page, the quantity will be calculated by box, so there is no problem.
So... How can I display the price per square meter on the category page?

Thank you for your help!

    The Product Weight's unit of measure

Tank you for the link. The thing is I want to display the price per square meter on the category page although I sell the product by box. I still don't know how to do it. Did I miss something? :P

does the box have a even amount of square meters?

I'm not sure I understand the question.... :-[
However, if this can help, there are 2 different boxes (1.440m2, 1.512m2 ). I had forgotten that I also sell product that have a linear meter price.
I guess the "easiest" thing would be for me to add a field in the database, and then display it in the category page....


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