Author Topic: Vituemart Moneybookers payment module bug on Mac/Safari  (Read 7878 times)


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Vituemart Moneybookers payment module bug on Mac/Safari
« on: July 24, 2012, 23:47:29 pm »
Hello there everyone,

Moneybookers payment module for Virtuemart works fine on my website and i receive payments flawlessly. However there was a problem recently. One of the users at my website completed the payment process and when Moneybookers payment module appeared, it didn't have the Email field used in new account creation. So they hit the Confirm and Continue button. Upon that it said that the payment went successful. She was not taken to the second step either whereby it prompts them to enter the password. So they thought the payment was made. She emailed me the screen capture and it does not show Email Field and shows all of the other Fields in the MoneyBookers Payment Module. I want to mention that she doesn't have a moneybookers account either due to which Email field could have not been displayed. She is using Apple Mac so would be using Safari Browser. Could this be a problem since she might have cookies turned off. But in case cookies were off then the cart won't work. She doesn't get the Email Field ever since she tried making payments again and again. I logged in with her account and get the Email Field when i check out using the id she registered with so its a problem at her end but i fail to understand why!

I want to know if this is a Mac or Safari specific problem and if it is then how to make corrections to it. It could possibly be an iframe problem since iframe is what the MoneyBookers/Skrill payment module is used to display in virtuemart checkout final process.

Any help would be appreciated since i need to figure that out as soon as possible

Thank you