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Virtuemart Customization
« on: November 13, 2010, 04:34:42 am »
We have a site is Joomla 1.5 and Virtuemart has already been setup.  All the products for now have been added.  We need assistance with some customization during the shopping/checkout process.  This site sells several different models of safes.  Here are our needs:


Our client uses for part of their shipping.  R&L offers a html pop up or a parameter string. At checkout, FOR MOST of the safes, R&L is used.  If the order is 750 lbs total and a quantity of six safes, then the order qualifies for free shipping and no shipper is needed.

Some of their safes ship using UPS.  These would need to be calculated using UPS rates - and add 10 dollar packaging fee for each safe.

::Pricing/Shopper Tiers::

We need to have 4 groups that people who register can be assigned to one of several groups, maybe shopper groups if that works best.  These are

1. Internet companies - There are a handful of internet companies that resell a higher volume.  They get the best deal because they do the most volume.  The safes are set at one price for them at the lowest of the price points of all the groups.  Need to also add a box to choose their own shipping (if they want to choose their own deliver/parcel service to pick up the package - so no shipping is charged) or use default carriers whether UPS or R&L.

2. All the states except for SC, NC, VA, AL, TN, GA, FL - different price point, only discount is if they order six or more of eligible safes, they get a 5% discount, only on qualifying safes.

3. SC, NC, VA, AL, TN, GA, FL if order over 750 lbs and 6 safes, free shipping.  If order 3 to 5 safes or more but doesn't weigh 750 lbs then 3% discount only on qualifying safes

4. Public where everyone pays full price for safe.  Can register but no discount.

::Credit Card Processing::

internet secure - - needs internet processing with internet secure if possible but not a deal breaker

::Other safes::

the site sells private label safes that are not branded so resellers can sell.  These are not included in the branded safes mentioned above. Want to put those on the website just for these three shopper tiers - these are not for general public viewing (group #4) and are only visible when logged in and are part of one of the first three shopper groups.

::Shipping notifications::

wants tracking and notification sent from r&l or from UPS when package is shipped.  I think this is already accomplished by UPS or R&L but just want to make sure.

::State tax::

applied to the states of SC and CA as warehouses are there.  IF they are a reseller, don't want ANY sales tax applied even if resellers are located in one of those two states.

If you have any follow up questions, please send a direct message.



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Re: Virtuemart Customization
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2011, 19:45:26 pm »
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