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dedicated products
« on: December 22, 2010, 21:31:06 pm »
I have a problem with a component called virtuemart pruchasing rules.

I have defined a purchasinf rule specific por a virtuamert group.

When and user login and identify as being part of this group , a new product category becomes visible, and he can start buying his dedicated products.

The chart start filling  and if he choose more than one product and he follow the purchasing process , the screen becomes  empty and the information of the prices and products desappeared.

Instead you get the following messages:

You should publish modules to the "inactive" position and set the Menus to "All", for them to show up on pages where there is no active menu ID. This is a bug/feature of Joomla that causes only menu items in the "All" setting to show up.

If you only chose one , all the things work fine.

Does anybody know what is happenig and how can I solve it please?

Thank you