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RFQ: Custom Cart
« on: February 03, 2011, 00:36:52 am »
Joomla Shopping Cart Customization

I would like to engage a company to custom build/modify a shopping cart component for an upcoming site upgrade.  The site is for a signage manufacturer.  As such the cart will need several unique features not commonly offered as a Joomla component.  These include:

  • Each item ordered is unique.  Although a client may order several signs of the same sign type, each will have a unique message (i.e. different room numbers).
  • Robust user groups.  Different clients will have different products available to them as well as unique pricing levels.  These may need to be on a product by product bases, and thus a simple “percentage off” mechanism will not be sufficient.
  • Project management.  Clients will need the ability to save and edit carts several times before an order is finalized.
  • Mixed payment methods.  Clients will pay using a mixture of credit cards and PO as they have a credit account with our company. 

Beyond these core features there are some optional features desired on the site:

  • MS Excel integration. A signage project is usually controlled by a “message schedule”.  This is usually an excel document that lists (in rows) each sign and it’s unique attributes (sign type, message, etc).  Could a method be devised to allow an excel (CVS) file to uploaded to automatically generate a cart populated by the proper types & quantities of signs and have them associated with there unique messages?
  • Graphic Preview.  When customizing a sign, the site should be able to generate a graphic preview of the sign.  The preview should respond/limit the length of messages (and numbe of lines) based of a set of parameters for that sign type.
  • Quickbooks Integration.  Can a gateway be set up to allow the shopping cart component to connect to the companies (off line) Quickbooks?

The shopping cart solution should integrate with the sign company’s website.  The site is built in Joomla! and makes heavy use of K2.  It’s strongly desirable the cart be managed in joomla to allow the sign company to update and maintain the product offerings available online.  The non-shopping cart areas of the site will be built another party.  The shopping cart will need to be stylized to match the rest of the site.

At this time we are requesting qualifications from firms interested in working on this project.  Once we have reviewed the interested parties, a request for quote will be sent.  Please respond with the following information to be considered for the forthcoming RFP:

  • Contact information
  • Client list or previous projects of similar nature
  • Brief summary (500 words) of your qualifications for the project
  • In your opinion what is the rough order of magnitude (ROM) of a project like this based on the core features above?
     - Less than $5000
     - $5000-$7500
     - $7500-$10,000
     - More than $10,000
  • How do you think the optional features will contribute to the overall cost of the project.  Answer on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being a minor impact on overall cost and 5 being a significant increase in overall cost, for each item:
     - Excel Integration
     - Graphic Preview
     - Quickbooks Integration.

Please respond to all of the above items by February 11th.

Responses or questions should be sent to: wm”at”wesleymeyer”dot”com

Good Luck


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Re: RFQ: Custom Cart
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2011, 19:43:36 pm »
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