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Load a joomla module {loadposition 'abc'} on Vm frontpage


good day,
I want to display a module (for example the vm featured products) first on the VM home frontpage where the categories are normally shown (top within my main body). I tried using {loadposition 'abc'} in store information description, but it is not getting parsed, to load my module.
I found, the page is build up in /common/shopindex.tpl.php. If there is no 'proper' way, can I put a call to loadmodule function in there? what is the syntax?
any hints, please for this issue?

To enable Joomla plugins in store description go to root/components/com_virtuemart/themes/default/templates/common/shopIndex.tpl.php

find the code:   echo $vendor_store_desc."<br />";

and replace with : echo $vendor_store_desc = vmCommonHTML::ParseContentByPlugins( $vendor_store_desc )."<br />";

Phanis, many thanks, I just saw this reply, it works fine!
best regards,
darengr (Dimitris)


i got the same isssue with latest VM3.. it's still not solved?

your code don't work for me as it seems it's little different..

this is core code :

--- Code: ---if (!empty($this->vendor->vendor_store_desc) and VmConfig::get('show_store_desc', 1)) {
echo $this->loadTemplate('description');
--- End code ---

i try to modify for example to this, but it don't work..

--- Code: ---if (!empty($this->vendor->vendor_store_desc) and VmConfig::get('show_store_desc', 1)) {
echo $this->loadTemplate('description') = vmCommonHTML::ParseContentByPlugins( $this->loadTemplate('description') )."<br />";

--- End code ---

please i need a solve this

ok.. i found the plugin setting in vm config..


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