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Decreasing Product Price
« on: September 17, 2010, 16:22:51 pm »
I am a newbie in CMS and was exited that I was able to build my first website with a shopping cart. When I set up the prices, it was Ok for about two week. After about two weeks, the front end prices has reduced proportionate to the initial set prices of each product (Price that was initially $75 is now $54, $40 now $31, $20 now $15 etc. But when I check it at the back end, its is still as I have set it.
Who can kindly help me out here. Is there any parameter I need to adjust?

Secondly, I use standard shipping module and customize it it accordingly, but all the customized rate do not show and there is the Standard shipping rate that show which if it shows, people may tend to choose that rate since its less. I want the that standard rate to be off and all the customized rate to show.
Please kindly bear me out of this predicament.


Your contributions are highly appreciated. Thanks a lot.