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Thumbnail Resize
« on: June 11, 2010, 19:05:58 pm »
Hiya, I'm new to using Virtuemart, and have found most issues ive come across to be fairly easily resolved.


I wanted to have thumbnails on the browse pages set to 90x90 (which I have), and the larger images to be around 500x500 when clicked on on the product pages. The trouble is the images I am using are highly detailed, and you cant see them on the product pages at 90x90

Is there any way of having 90x90 on the browse page, 250x250 for example on the product page, and then 500x500 on the pop out for the full size image?

Im a novice at php.. but would be willing to attempt altering files if someone would talk me through it?

Any help would be appreciated