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First Item in Cart not counting
« on: November 29, 2010, 14:51:20 pm »
I am using Virtuemart 1.1.4 on Joomla 1.5.22
In addition the module mod_free_ship_info is installed.

Everything has worked well but I have just had an instance where a coupon was not accepted. Futher investigation reveals that the total order value was £15.01 and the coupon was for £15.00 so the final order value should have been £0.01
Virtumart refuses to accept the coupon.

I then notice that the free shipping module is saying I need to spend another £2.49 to gain free shipping (free shipping is set at £15).

The shopping basket is correctly adding up the order showing a total of £15.01 But the mod_free_ship_info is only getting to £12.51

Further investigation reveals that the first item in the basket costs £2.50, if I remove this item the order drops in value and everything is OK.

Still more investigation reveals this is not a product issue, The FIRST item added to the cart is NOT being counted by mod_free_ship_info and similarly by Virtuemart if you try and use a Gift Coupon at the checkout.

The first item does appear at the checkout and the basket is added up correctly, Virtuemart successfully removes postage at the correct point, so it seems to be the Coupon handling and also mod_free_ship_info are having a problem adding up the cart (ie missing item 1)

Any suggestions, has anyone seen this before?