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"In Stock", "Call for stock", "Out of stock"
« on: May 24, 2010, 21:52:42 pm »

Here's the scenario.
You stock products from multiple suppliers.
You yourself dont carry much stock. You source it per transaction.
Suppliers stock availability lists vary in timeliness and reliability.
You dont need to add stock numbers in your backend catalog.
You need "in stock", "call for stock" or "out of stock" option in inventory management area.
You want these options to appear next to the items picture in the shopfront for the customer to see.
You want a add to a wishlist tab next to "out of stock" if it appear.
Optional: You might want the customer to be able to click on "enquire for stock" and a contact box appear or email redirect appear.
You want to update these three options from the backend in a per supplier list.
This will save time when working from a suppliers inventory list.
You still want the "call of stock","out of stock" items to appear to interact with customer and either enquire from supplier, give customer alternative options or source it for him or enable him to add it to a wishlist.
Included with these stock availability phrases maybe a colour icon. For example: green (in stock), orange(call for stock), red(out of stock). To add easy visional reference.
Update this "in stock" ect. data easily. (Maybe via a spreadsheet type interface with a three option mark button (thus only click on either "in stock", "in stock", "out of stock".