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Are there any extensions that build a custom category menu?

Started by hotwebideas, December 28, 2009, 13:22:00 PM

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I am new to VirtueMart and find to be a very powerful extension. Kudos to the developers of this great application.

Is there an extension that will allow the webmaster to build a custom menu of selected categories?

I know the product categories module that comes with Virtue Mart lists all of the published categories, but I need to build different sections with different categories in a particular order.

Also, if this extension exists, does it allow the webmaster to show the category's uploaded images instead of its hyperlinked text name?

Any direction to this extension would be greatly appreciated if it exists.



Thanks, balai, but that extension just groups categories for products, but does not allow you to create custom category menus in any order with a choice of text links or your uploaded image for the category.




The menus are completely custom. You select the categories you want to display.

Maybe you could do what you want (changed text links etc) creating external type menu items from the menus.


Yeah, I can try that. Thanks for your quick response.

Actually, I started developing Joomla extensions and have attempted this one today. It seems to work well for me.

I created a module that will allow you to type in your VirtueMart category names separated by a pipe (|), but you can overwrite this symbol in case your names contain a pipe.

Then, it has radio buttons for the text links or images.


Erik P

swmenupro and swmenufree can do it. They can build their dropdown menus from VM categories.
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Please give as some info when you will finish that extension


Sure Balai, I got it up and running on a puppy store web site that we are building, but it works.

Look at the bottom right under the Pet Supplies section. Those are all VirtueMart categories. The site is not done yet, but the extension is.