Author Topic: How do I show the cart & checkout link?  (Read 31893 times)


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How do I show the cart & checkout link?
« on: December 01, 2009, 16:38:04 PM »
You have installed the VirtueMart component and can add products to the cart - but you cannot see the cart and have no link to checkout.

If so, you need to publish either the minicart in the main VirtueMart module, mod_virtuemart, or publish the VirtueMart minicart module, mod_virtuemart_cart. All accomplished through Joomla's module manager.

Similarly if you don't see a customer login/register link, this can be shown in mod_virtuemart (if published) or in mod_virtuemart_login.

If you do not see the modules in Joomla's module list then you should install them. They are in the modules directory of the VirtueMart Complete Package (from ).

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