Author Topic: Virtuemart Extended Search Problem  (Read 5175 times)


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Virtuemart Extended Search Problem
« on: September 01, 2009, 14:31:03 pm »
My vmxsearch.plugin has been installed (and re-installed several times) but the Joomla advanced search only finds the content items.

Even if you isolate the products only checkbox, it still finds nothing. Search words that should bring up products include 'isotopic', 'dosimeter', 'phantoms'. Currently the little search box in the upper right corner of the site is using the standard virtuemart search module. You can see that any of these search terms will bring up results using the viruemart search module. But anything that comes up in the advanced search is only from the content items.

Also, I have another site that is very similar: This site also uses the exact same search setup, but has different products and content. On the site, the search works as expected: I have replicated all the search files between the two sites. Everything in /components/com_search/, /administrator/components/com_search/ and /plugins/search/.

I have also reviewed the plugin parameters and database records for both sites at length and there are no differences that I can find.

Help!!! Thank You!