Author Topic: Virtuemart not calculating cart after mysql migration  (Read 1583 times)

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Virtuemart not calculating cart after mysql migration
« on: March 11, 2009, 03:00:29 am »
I am experiencing some upgrade growing pains.  I recently migrated my joomla 1.012 / vm 1.0.10 from an apache1.x/php4 to an apache2/php5/mysql5 server.

Well everything is fine and dandy except for a custom function i used to programatically addtocart extended attributes (using the extended attribute hack v2)

For instance, i add to cart using a facileform which allows a user to configure my product with options based on survey questions then it adds then it adds the product to cart and adds the selected custom attibutes.  Now I realize this is an old installation and heavily customized with a facile form interface so I'm not looking for support about that, I'm asking if there is any wierdness when upgrading to a newer mysql or php that i am missing.

The custom attributes are stored in a database table with latin1_sweedish_cs collation and the database collation is utf8 the database table options match the options stored with the product in extended attributes.  Some items work others dont  It will say something like this
Product A
Extended Attibute option a (+50)
Extended Attibute option b (+20)
Extended Attibute option c (+10)
Total 0.00

then another extended option not filled by the database for the same product id and same cart along with the above.

Extended Attibute option d (+65)
Total 65.00!!!

So i know its got to have something to do with this mysql migration (or at least i think it does)  I can't find a common demoninator between which extended attributes work and dont work but the same ones always work and the same ones always don't work but i dont see the relation.

Any VM Heroes out there who can see straight through what i dont?

Thanks so much,