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Order ID is not set or emtpy!

Started by macaulus, October 20, 2008, 05:17:44 AM

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I have a new joomla 1.5 virtuemart 1.12 install, as im aware it is allup to date and patched correctly, the problem i have is when the customer returns to the shop from paypal, it is trying to fill in the order no, but it seems to not be set, i get this error

Order ID is not set or emtpy!

the order then doesnt update from pending to confirmed as it should, wondering idf its something im doing or not, please help as i have tried numerous things enabling cookies at all levels for the browser, i have made new accounts in the config to be activated, all to no avail.

The Paypal account is a business account, and i have checked the profile settings within the paypal account and they look correct(i have another shop setup under joomla 1.1.15 an VM 1.11 i think, it works fine and the paypal account settings are the same)

I have looked for resources on this problem and apart from some pages in another language (i only speak english) i cant find any reference to this problem.

Please help, if any more info is needed, please just let me know



bump, anyone else getting this error ?, some help would be grand