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IPN errors in paypal SOLUTION

Started by cynmob, September 25, 2008, 19:30:53 PM

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Passing these on in case they help someone else. I am STILL not getting emails to customers with download links, but working on that today.

Joomla 1.5.7  VM 1.1.2 Godaddy server  Paypal as only option.

At first I had the error checking thing turned on and I got nothing but IPN errors without details from the eliteweaver folks. BUT whenever I try to follow a link to eliteweaver, either typing in or clicking on the sticky note in this board, I got a SITE NOT FOUND error -- in IE and in Firefox.

As I changed things, I got fewer errors until I got the payments posting correctly. The only thing I am missing now is email of download link to customers. Open to help.

Here's what worked.
1. Turn OFF the error checking. That way I got a specific error report email from Paypal on the post back. It said the amounts didn't match. Since I had tax tables set up in Paypal (it's used on a bunch of sites) it was adding tax again onto the amount (price plus tax) it received from VM. Thus when it talked back to VM, the amounts were different. I would not have known that if I did not turn off the error check thing. I bet it would be the same thing if I had shipping set up in paypal.

2. Use primary email as used on paypal, not secondary. I'd set up an additional email in Paypal, not the primary one. It made a difference when I changed the paypal email address in VM to just the primary one.

3. I pasted in the code provided in the sticky note at the top of this board.

4. Set inventory level on the downloadable product to 1,000.

Hope that helps.
Cyn Mobley


Update: Operator error on the download emails. The file to download was labeled as a product image.
So I'm getting the emails with the download links now. Two errors remain to fix, or at least two that I know about:
1. The link email has a link to the changelog and to the download link and shows the changelog file.
2. THe download link doesn't, technically, work, since I get a few characters at the top of the page and the file doesn't actually download. But I think that's an issue for a different board.


Well, what I finally had to do was upgrade my godaddy hosting account to premium and relocate all my domains on that one account. It actually saves me a bit, since they were spread out amongst economy hosting and godaddy gave me an SSL certificate for a year with the upgrade.
And then I had to do manual installs instead of auto installs, but NOW everything, including all buttons, is working!