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How to have shopping cart as well as catalogued items



Most of my products can be added to the shopping cart and the user can check out. But 2 of my products should not be added to a shopping cart, but they need to be listed as a product to show customers what options they have available.

Is there any way to do this in VM.

Thanks in advance.

You could perhaps use stock control and have them listed as zero stock. They will still display, but with a button for notifing when available, the text of which can be changed, or the button removed by using soecific browse/flypage templates.

Thanks heaps Kelvyn.

Versions J!1.0.15 | VM 1.0.15 - I have posted in the wrong area, blame it on my noob tendencies.

Getting into stock control was not preferred as we do not stock any item. But that might be a more elegant way to do it. Another thought I had was to just have a sub category instead of a product.

Appreciate your help, I was hoping there would be a button I could tick.


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