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Doh, paypal problem! Bypassing step 3!

Started by bibs, April 24, 2008, 21:19:29 PM

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When I next from 'ship methods' I'm being taken straight to 'complete order' and the payment method is being missed out. I'm using paypal only.

Can anyone please help?



I misread your question, I thought you said straight to PayPal page, the way it works is correct, if PayPal is the only payment method than step 3 is skipped, no point of having payment page when there is no payment to select.


That figures then!

Perhaps what I'm struggling with is then when I click 'complete order' it goes to a blank page and doesn't redirect the shopper to paypal. I did think this was because they weren't selecting it as their method of payment but it figures that they are paying that way as there are no other options.

I must admit by the way, 1.1 is very, very slick and bar this slight hiccup I'm very impressed with the software.

Gotta hand it to you guys Aravot...You did a really nice job on this new version. Looks great.

I'm also having the same problem described here, as are others. Here's that thread:

Thanks for your help man!

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Penn Wooding

 I am hoping that somebody has the answer to my problem.  If I only enable PayPal, I get a 503 service temporarily unavailable Page come up after I have pressed next in stage two (shipping section)I've noticed that it goes to stage four if I look in the address window.

Penn Wooding

sorted!  Instead of unchecking two and three, which I couldn't, I just deleted two and three out of the boxes and it is now working


Sorry Penn, that doesn't make any sense to me!

Penn Wooding

in Virtuemart, if you go to check out in the backend, you have got four options, each with a tick on the left. On mine, you are able to undertake the first two ticks, the third and fourth are grayed out  and you can't untick them. however, there are four boxes with one to four, these are the stages. If you just put zero in the ones you don't want to use (on the ones that are grayed out) it seems to work


I kinda get you now. Can you please post up a screenshot of what yours looks like?