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How About A Flat Rate Shipping Fee Module...

Started by AceG, November 20, 2007, 09:40:28 AM

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Hey Everyone, THIS is something that is Desperately Needed as a Payment Option with this Cart. A Flat Rate Shipping Fee Module.

Yep, It's true....

A Module that allows the Seller to assign a Flate Rate Ship Fee to items. NOT a Module Based on Weight.... BUT.... A Module that simply allows products to have a SET Flat Rate Ship Fee.
No matter what the quantity in the cart is... The Flat Rate Fee would be added FOR EACH individual item in the cart and added to the Toal for that order. VERY Simple....
I hope someone out there takes this one on...

AND.... I'm sure you would NOT have a problem SELLING it for a reasonable price... It would be a GREAT way to pump some Moola BACK into FURTHER improvements & development for this cart... Cause it's REALLY got some excellent aspects to it already.. Aside from the bugs... It's not too shabby.... Just needs a Flat Rate Ship Fee option. ;)


Did you ever get a response or fix this problem? I'm looking for setting up shipping by PRICE, and can't find anything.


flat rate by any means?
is it like shipping fee is 10% from total payment? rounded up too
if yes, i need it too.

somehow it's already a half a year now!!!


done, with shipvalue!!

only need free shipping for specific city


You should be able to offer free shipping for a specific city with the solution that I have posted here: