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Shipping based on order total

Started by clsmedia, July 22, 2007, 02:27:52 AM

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Hi! This is a real extension!!! Please check out the screenshots on my Blog! ...and please send me E-mail to my adress (this found on my blogspot page). This is standard shipping module with according by shipping cost, order total for VirtueMart!

Leonard Michael


Shipping modules,

It should be possible to set two shipping standards based upon price of the good. In-fact you can set lots of options.

* eg if a customer purchases -$0.00 - to $25.00 worth of goods then set the range in the image shown to min 0 and max $25.00
* then create another postage same set up but just make the minimum $25.01 and max what you like.

You can have 100s of these.

You simply make a statement on the front screen that and in the $0- 25 setting that says orders above $25.00 are cheaper or what every you like to say.

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