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My first VirtueMart site

Started by LornaH, May 27, 2010, 16:40:20 PM

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I was just over here looking for some info and I found this forum. Great idea.

This is my first VirtueMart website, and its based around hemp, and sustainable living.

Its a little basic and rough round the edges but it works fine for me.

Many thanks for a great component.



What template are you using? I need to change mine. :)


Quote from: LornaH on May 27, 2010, 16:40:20 PM

This is my first VirtueMart website,

The product range is well suited to the eCommerce plazza template. I only tested in FireFox, but the Buyer Guide links do not work, nor do any of the news links. I am interested in the bread flour, but could not see a price. Maybe you need to register to see the price but there was no statement to that effect.
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Hi Guys;

There were some broken links due to my installing an SEO component but I hope they're all fixed and working now.

At present we have the cart functionality switched off as we're still in the process of launching, but the prices are now on display if anyone is interested.

The template is 'eCommerce' by Template Plazza.

Many thanks for your comments.