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Shipping Cost Calculation Before Checkout

Started by hgtseo, September 06, 2006, 21:58:05 PM

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Quote from: Marco on September 05, 2007, 14:33:24 PM
You're right, but if you want just to give a quote this is a nice option.
In my case the customers see all shipping options (national and international) and they don't have to go through the registration process.
Some of them quit when they see the price of the shipping costs.
This saves regsitration of the none buyers.

This is not my main reason for showing shipping costs before login or customer registration!
-> the main reason is that many visitors don't want to register before they can see the shipping cost (i.e. before they know the total cost) and decided to buy!

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can checkout have shipping simulator based in zip only?
sorry my english




Quote from: macallf on September 05, 2007, 14:22:49 PM
The reason you have to log in to see the shipping rates.
In some sales it depends on where you live as to what the shipping cost will be. The only way to get this info is for the user to log in, where the country, state, city, zipcode etc is available for the shipping module to get the correct info.
I know it is not the same in all cases, but in general this holds true.

Hi Mark!

Here is a live site

-> solve your question
-> and does do exactly what I want
-> just try an "add to cart" and you can see the shipping rate calculator

Any ideas on how to do this kind of shipping rate calculation before Checkout?

Thanks for any kind of help!
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This is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm doing a site now for a client and this is one of the features he wants. Hope someone here can do this.
Joomla 1.5.9
VirtueMart 1.1.2


anyone found a solution yet? shipping calculator? pleaseeeeeeeee


Yes, I am very interested in an international shipping calculator.  The one on is perfect, but it doesn't look like it is using Virtuemart.  Any ideas?

There are a few more variables to take into consideration when doing international, which include who pays import taxes, etc.  To me, it makes the most sense to sell DDP where the shipping company (FedEx, DHL, etc) handles the import function for the purchaser.

Are there are any solutions at this point?  Thanks.


I am also very interested in the quick quote module. Can any one here assist?


Hello... I am new on this. I have read search and almost everything.
I would like to export products to panama and south america. What can i do if countries like panama do not have ZIP codes for delivery? The country has 9 states or departments each one of them with diferent shipping rate. Can someone tell me how to edit the shipping rates in order that i can put the diferent rates according to each state or province for each country i prettend to supply??


I've just posted elsewhere about this, but this seems to be the main thread on the subject.  I'd echo what's been said above - this is something that's really lacking and should've been implemented ages ago.

I'm absolutely certain I've been getting cart abandonments on my site because there isn't a quick way to see shipping costs for a product(s) without registering, or at least filling in details first.

As with most things VirtueMart, decent replies/explanations are hard to come by. This thread typifies that - heading on for 4 years old and no solution. ::)


Like I said this is for me the greatest error in VM.

Joseph Kwan helped me a lot, pm him if you need help, and without him VM was useless for me aswell as for many other companies which need shipping cost shown on price pre-checkout.

Ill tell you even more, all the competitors of VM just use the same system VM started, so not one of them will solve this issue.

And yes, after 4 years theres no solution, I was as shocked as you when I realised VM couldn't make prices shown this way, however Joseph did it in a few days.

Let's hope they realise the importance of this issue and implement it in future versions.


He is an active user of the forum, Just send him a pm here, you have his profile here:;u=19740, just click "send this user a personal message" at the bottom of his profile..