Author Topic: MOD: Child list instead of drop down. UPDATE(1.0.11) + store wide quantity mod  (Read 460033 times)


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Has anyone combined Childlist & Qty Mod with Shopper Group Extension mod?
« Reply #540 on: July 05, 2008, 07:42:48 am »
EDIT - after fully uninstalling Childlist, then installing Shopper Group, I have found that I still have the functionality I require to select multiple products, without having to go to the cart each time I click the add to cart button.
I thought that I only got that from the Childlist mod.
Maybe I never needed it? - that's amateurs for you.
Anyway, I can't say just how relieved I now am to be finally finished.

I love both these mods and can get each working independently.
But after several days it looks like it is beyond me to combine them.
From Childlist I use the ability to add multiple products before going to the cart.
From Shopper Group I am able to lock down certain products to certain customers.
And I cannot finish this shopping cart for a friend without both functionalities.
I have posted more details about this in the Shopper Group Extension topic here

Is there anyone who may have already done this that could help me?

Regards - Steve
Joomla 1.0.15 & VM 1.0.14 - happily using mods/components; Extended Mini Cart, Edit Order Feature, Show User Name and Full Name On Order List, CSV Improved & Shopper Group Extension (it looks pretty basic but it works).