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If there's an override, custom field price is added twice

Started by rdcustom, May 22, 2024, 13:52:16 PM

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Since last updates I have a strange issue.

Let's assume I have a 100€ product with a 20€ option:

when the option is added the price is calculated correctly: 120€


when the product has a price override (ex. 90€)
the option is added twice (40€ instead of 20€)

instead of 110€ total I have 130€

this happens only when there's a price override

How to solve this issue?


I found myself the bug:

in calculationh.php - line 416

need to remove:

            $this->productPrices['discountedPriceWithoutTax'] += $variant;



since Virtuemart is a paid extension... no support at all.
Even in the last update this bug is still present and no one read this post.
We pay and we do the work...