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VM categories left for desktop, right for mobile

Started by dylanphelan, May 15, 2024, 18:14:32 PM

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I am trying to make my site more mobile friendly.
Currently I have the VM category module displaying categories on the left.
This means that mobile users have to scroll past a bunch of categories before they see the product content.

I bought the CF filtering module from Breakdesigns a while back.

I like how this site has used it

left for desktop, and it seems to be in a right module position for mobile view as it displays below the product content.

How would that be achieved?


from reading up about this, it seems you need to publish two versions of the module.
one in the left sidebar and one on the right.
Hide the left one for mobile view, and then hide the right one for desktop view.

I am trying to figure this out. I'm sure it could be done using CSS. my CSS is rusty though.

I remember yootheme had a simple way of managing display between desktop, mobile, tablet. The template I am using doesn't appear to have any such features.