Disabling as much unused scripts and styles as possible

Started by Kuubs, January 17, 2024, 11:43:06 AM

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I'm trying to optimize my website. And I'd like to disable as much plugins and scripts as possible, I'm not using most of them.

- JQuery UI (Is this possible to disable?)
- Autocomplete.js (I dont use this)
- vmprices.js
- update_cart.js

The vmprices and update_cart i'd like to disable except for the productdetails page. Should I just use the Joomla functionality to remove these scripts from the loading:


Or is it possible to disable these scripts another way thats maybe more efficient?


Ok you can disable a lot in the configuration > template tab. In the modules you can disable for example jPrice and the imort of the cart. Unfortunately this will be overridden when an update happens.