How to move Virtuemart 3.x.xstore on old Joomla 3 site to new Joomla 4 site?

Started by xdoktor, September 12, 2023, 18:52:12 PM

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Hi all !

I have been away for a while from website dev but need to do a site overhaul so I'm out of practice lol

Apart from a post dating back to circa 2009, I cant seem to find any recent solution to backup & re-install of our VM webshop in to a new installation of VM 4?
We are on VirtueMart 3.4.2 and wanted to get to latest VM 4.x.x on J!4 .
I will update to VM4.x.x offline in xampp etc before hand.
Is the old method still the way to go? ie Backing Up VM Database, copying VM folders over to new site etc?

Is there a preffered extension/software that will do this at all?

I did come across this:
'Store Manager for VirtueMart'

any help appreciated.



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you should just be able to update a copy of your VM3 site to VM4

then create your J4 site .. install VM4 then copy all the tables across to it
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Once updated se Akeeba backup to move & install the revised site from xampp to the live server.
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Thanks to VM Forum Legends @Jenkinhill & @GJC Web Design.

So basically the old way is still the way lol.
I'll do it locally in xampp and phpmyadmin etc.

I just assumed after all these years there would be an 'app for that'! lol