After installing recaptcha not working the new user page

Started by Eagle21, May 01, 2024, 15:45:50 PM

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After installing recaptcha not working the new user page and the checkout of order.I tried to uninstall the plugin but the problem is still there.
Any idea for solving?

T.A. Garrison, LLC

Apparently, as I've been told, reCaptcha is no longer used in VM because in EU they use Victor Vogel and those of us in the U.S. either need to purchase that captcha, or "find" something else that works.
That plugin is a paid plugin. For one site it's reasonable, but I develop sites and I have multiple sites I own and use for business which also use VM. To purchase 1 for each site is more than the most expensive version that allows you to use the plugin in an unlimited number of sites - for over $100 USD.

This means until the next "version" of VM is relseased - NOT an update...but a new version - it could be a year away from the core of VM being changed to allow the user of other captcha plugins.

I'm trying to find an alternative myself...every Web site that uses reCaptcha (any version from google) will only work if the user is already logged in to your site.
If they are not logged in, they don't get the "typical" error messages if they fail to complete a field. What they will get is a full-page 404 error that indicates there is a problem from the editor installed.
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