canonical is adding this string to my url results,1-0.html

Started by macigatto, January 25, 2023, 17:58:23 PM

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hello, please help me.
I have joomla 3 last version and virtuemart 4

from the last upgrade to virtuemart 4, my canonical is not correct, to the homepage shop and to the category page it is added this /results,1-0.html,1-0.html

please help me, where to look at


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Milbo told me is comes from around the router.php ~ 753

      if ( self::compareKey($splitted[0] ,'results')){
         $results = explode('-',$splitted[1],2);
         //Pagination has changed, removed the -1 note by Max Milbers NOTE: Works on j1.5, but NOT j1.7
         // limitstart is swapped by joomla to start ! See includes/route.php
         if ($start = intval($results[0])-1) $vars['limitstart'] = $start;
         else $vars['limitstart'] = 0 ;
         $vars['limit'] = (int)$results[1]-$results[0]+1;

      } else {
         $vars['limitstart'] = 0 ;


Quotethe side effect of the fix "unsupported operand types ... " in router.

Haven't had time to look at any of this ....
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I resolved commenting this code in file:

moreover i have not idea what this code is for, and if it is good what I did, anyway it resolved the canonical problem with results,1-0.html

at line 482

            $limitstart = intval($limitstart);
            $limit = intval($limit);

            if ( $limitstart>0 ) {
               //For the urls leading to the paginated pages
               // using general limit if $limit is not set
               if ($limit === null) $limit= vmrouterHelper::$limit ;
               $segments[] = self::lang('results') .','. ($limitstart+1).'-'.($limitstart+$limit);
            } else if ($limit !== null && $limit != vmrouterHelper::$limit ) {
               //for the urls of the list where the user sets the pagination size/limit
               $segments[] = self::lang('results') .',1-'.$limit ;
            } else if(!empty($query['search']) or !empty($query['keyword'])){
               $segments[] = self::lang('results') .',1-'.vmrouterHelper::$limit ;
            if(self::$debug)vmdebug('category link segments',$query, $segments); 

Studio 42

If you remove this
if ( $limitstart>0 ) {
Then pagination is not working anymore


yes, my pagination is not working now.
please help me, how to resolved this problem of the canonical.


I have resolved adding this line of code testing
if limit is != 0
this is preventing to have in url this results,1-0.html

else if ($limit !== null && $limit != vmrouterHelper::$limit ) {
               //for the urls of the list where the user sets the pagination size/limit
                    if( $limit != 0)    //I HAVE ADDED THIS LINE
                    $segments[] = self::lang('results') .',1-'.$limit ;

please let me know if this is ok and if this is a VM bug resolved.

I have another question:
why some of my category page are paginated in URL by


and others by





my idea was to use instead
else if ($limit !== null &&

if (!empty($limit) &&
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I have implemented with your code, and it is working fine.
Will this be a bug fixed in next VM realease?



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