Searchable Custom Fields as Filter - Bug

Started by Darko F., January 19, 2023, 14:20:19 PM

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Darko F.

VirtueMart 4.0.12 10777
Joomla 4
php 8.0
I have some custom fields in each category which I use as filter, but they wreck caos at the moment on my shop also sales are drop significantly and I suspect custom fields.

To reproduce this bug:
1. Visit in private browser , Very important is in private browser so no cookies apply!,1-0

or any other shop category you wish.

2.  Selec there one custom field options:
Let say Kvaliteta materiala: 1 option - CBN

3 Bug is = You will be redirected to Shop home page.

4. Then just visit again same shop category using return browser button or link,1-0

Select same custom field 1 option: Kvaliteta materiala: - CBN

And will work corectly filter all product as should be.

If you want repeat bug you need to close private browsing open it again and repeat steps above.

Is realy confusing for our customers, and sales drop.

What I find :
When first time without cookies select custom fields you get:,1-0?keyword=&view=category&option=com_virtuemart&virtuemart_category_id=2&Itemid=161&combineTags=0&combineTags=1&customfields%5B28%5D=CBN&customfields%5B85%5D=&customfields%5B90%5D=

And they redirect you on Shop home page

When then refresh return back and second time select Custom field you get:

Difference is first link you have /results,1-0 and this cousin all the problems.
There in no problem if you fall. Problem is if you don't get up

Darko F.

Max find a solution, Thank You :)
It will be in next release.
There in no problem if you fall. Problem is if you don't get up