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Remove Site Language

Started by Darko F., October 29, 2022, 22:35:28 PM

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Darko F.

So It happens that on one site which has two languages en and sl they decide to go automatic translation so I need remove one language from Joomla and also from VirtueMart.

I successfully remove language en   from Joomla I delete menus, modules, articles, disable language switcher and disable English content language in Joomla.

In VirtueMart configuration I choose only language sl   but something is wrong.

VirtueMart ask me now every thime when i go edit product or edit configuration

Missing Flag en-GB for language en-GB.
Go to Extensions > Language Manager > Content, and check the parameter Image Prefix for this language.

What should I do to disable multi language in VirtueMart :

Delete in database

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